Wednesday, February 25, 2015


Artist pen illustrations (2015)


Ballpoint pen sketch and detail of an animal skull (part of my "Found" series, ballpoint pen sketches of different animal skulls in a small notebook)


Some ballpoint pen sketches of animal skulls and vertebrae. 

Thursday, May 2, 2013

A pen/acrylic/tape drawing I did when we had a model in class this year. 

Current Concentration

For senior year, I am taking AP Studio Art again, but I will be submitting a drawing portfolio this time. I am currently working on my concentration, which features various skulls/bones on book pages. I was and always am greatly inspired by Georgia O'Keiffe and have always been fascinated by the American Southwest and deserts, so I wanted to create a body of work that paid homage to all of that. I wanted to keep the subject matter/theme and medium all relatively simple, but the layout and design of the skulls will vary. 

Medium: gouche, gold paint, paper

I drew this piece, titled “Paper Dinosaur,” for my eighth grade drawing class. Our assignment was to draw a crumpled piece of paper, and I knew that the rest of my class would draw a ball of paper, so I decided to shape my paper into a dinosaur, one of my favorite creatures. It took me over four hours to complete, but to this day, I am still so happy and proud of the result, and it is one of my favorite pieces I have created. 

This piece is one of my parents’ and friends’ favorite pieces. It was selected as one of three pieces to represent my school in an art contest hosted by Congressman Adam Schiff. I made this in ninth grade, when I was taking the painting elective offered at my school. Our art teacher wanted us to use newspaper as the main medium, but I wanted to push the unconventionality of medium even more and ended up using glue as paint as well. Other medium included watercolor, oil pastel, crayon, and acrylic paint, but the glue was able to create the bodily fluid-like appearance that I wanted to convey to correlate with the heart. I cut out key words and headlines that were about natural disasters, murders, accidents, etc. because I wanted to stick with the theme and title that I had come up with before I even began the painting: “Heart Attack.” I really enjoyed creating this because it was the first time I had truly experimented with more unconventional materials as well as reached out to creating more abstract work.